Parkview Preschool Watercolors
indianapolis parkview cooperative preschool

Since 1965, Parkview has educated children and parents in social skills, child development, and in the ways to enjoy those short years before elementary school. Parkview Cooperative Preschool is located in irst Meridian Heights Presbyterian Church, in the heart of Indianapolis’ Meridian Kessler neighborhood.

Although Parkview leases space from the church, it is a separate entity and offers a non-sectarian experience. The curriculum of our school is that of all co-ops… a “learn through play” environment. Each day includes a variety of art projects, large muscle and small muscle activities, books, blocks, music, and circle time that allows children the freedom to participate and learn from a variety of media and experiences.The class session offers both structured and non-structured activities. At Parkview, we encourage the development of socialization skills such as learning the rights and limitations of participating in a group. Most importantly, we strive to provide a fun, happy, enriched environment in which children can grow and build self esteem.

Generally speaking, co-ops are parent-lead schools offering pre-school age children a nurturing place to play and learn. Parents help run the preschool and take turns volunteering in their child’s classrooms. Co-oping offers a gradual transition from home to school and allows the parent a more active role in their child’s education.

indianapolis parkview cooperative preschool

New Parkview parents receive training for their role in the classroom, and ongoing parent education while they remain part of the Parkview family. The co-op offers many opportunities for parents to meet each other and their child’s schoolmates. Because class sizes are small and parents are involved, each child receives plenty of individual attention. Parkview teachers are experienced educators and have participated as both parent and teacher in our co-op. They receive specific training in the co-op philosophy, which emphasizes learning through play. The curriculum focuses on developmentally appropriate themes and activities to provide children with a safe nurturing environment for exploration and learning – socially, emotionally, intellectually and physically.