Now Hiring – Program Director – Indianapolis

Parkview Cooperative Preschool – Program Director 2018-2019 School Year

Job Purpose: The Program Director oversees the coordination and administration of all aspects of Parkview Cooperative Preschool.

– Maintain communication between the church, school and other entities
– Work closely with executive board and church to negotiate lease agreement
– Head the hiring committee when any teaching/staff positions need to be filled
– Attend member meetings as requested by President
– Attend president/board teacher meetings as requested by President (Minimum 2x per semester)
– Attend Annual Kick-off Meeting, Executive Board Retreat, and ICPC Executive Board Training
– Work closely with executive board to maintain consistency through school years and board transitions
– Distribute bi-annual family surveys and compile results
– Observe and evaluate teachers in the fall and meet with teachers/president to create individualized goals based on evaluations and family surveys
– Work with treasurer and president annually to adjust teacher contracts/compensation
– Attend annual events
– Parkview 500, Bunny Hop and Open House
– Create monthly timeline of annual responsibilities
– Work with president to create long term scope/responsibilities of the Program Director

– Past co-op parent experience
– Bachelor’s Degree in related field

– Two Year Minimum Intent Required
– Position runs July 1, 2018 – June 30, 2019
– Position is paid monthly based on hourly timesheet (not to exceed $2,000 annually)
– Director will be expected to comply with all requirements of member families such as TB testing and Background Check
– Director will be expected to comply with all requirements of teachers
– CPR Certification and Child Abuse Training