Our Teachers

Our Teachers

Froggies 2/3’s

Parkview FroggiesHi! My name is Holly Meyers, or as the children at Parkview say, “Miss Holly!” I actually was a little preschooler here at Parkview in 1969-1971…so our wonderful school has been around a long time and has made amazing memories for lots of families!

I grew up in this neighborhood, and attended IHM, Bishop Chatard High School, and received my degree from Indiana University, Bloomington in Elementary Education. In the summers I was a camp counselor at Gnaw Bone Camp down in Nashville, and the IU Alumni camp Camp Brosius in Wisconsin. After college I taught for four years in the Indianapolis Public School system, then moved to the Chicago area and taught for five more years. We lived in Boston for a year, then moved back to Indianapolis to raise our children and be close to family.

My mother suggested Parkview where I went as a child for my oldest son when he was two…and it was a wonderful experience for my children and I!

I have four children, three boys and a girl aged 17, 13, 11, and 9…and YES I co-opped with all of them here at Parkview! Some of the best friendships my children and I made began right here at Parkview! The early years go by so quickly, so I feel happy that I was able to watch them learn and grow at a school that they loved. Believe it or not they STILL talk about Parkview and my two youngest like to come to school with me to help out and reminisce about the good old days when school was easy!
In my free time I love to work in our yard and butterfly garden. I enjoy photography and antique/flea market looking as well! I love to spend time with my husband and children. Our family enjoys traveling , especially back to California where one day we will retire!

The age group of 2-3 is so sweet! Please visit our Froggy class and see why we love Parkview!!!

Turtles 3/4’s

Linda Costlow Parkview PreschoolHello, my name is Linda Costlow. At school I go by the name Mrs. C. I am the 3/4’s Turtles class teacher and lead teacher at Parkview Cooperative Preschool. I have been enjoying teaching at Parkview since 2003. My, how time flies! Back in the late 80’s and early 90’s I enjoyed being a coop parent at Parkview serving on the board as the equipment person and librarian. Along with my Turtles class, I co-teach the Kindergarten enrichment class with Miss Virginia on Mondays and the extended day program on Wednesdays. I have a BS and MA degree in Consumer and Family Science Education from Ball State University. My husband, Andy, and I have three children, Kyle, Caryn, and Craig. ln 2010, we were blessed to add our sweet daughter-in-law, Annie, to the family! I’m a former PTA President, girl scout leader, and the proud mother of an Eagle scout. I am also active at my church, Tabernacle Presbyterian, otherwise known as TAB. When I am not planning an activity for my class, I enjoy reading, quilting, gardening, or taking in a movie with my husband or some of my old Parkview friends! Children grow up way too fast – being part of a coop lets you experience their world first hand. It enhances your life with all of the many friends you and your child are able to make. At Parkview we strive to create a warm, loving, and supportive community where you and your child will feel “at home”. I feel blessed to be a part of this school that I love so much. I hope you will stop in and see us sometime. Come and play!!

Caterpillars 4/5’s

Virginia Snell Parkview PreschoolHello, my name is Virginia Snell and I’ve been the Caterpillar teacher at Parkview since 2010. Before becoming a co-op teacher, my daughter attended a co-op and I served in membership and as President. I’ve come to increasingly value the special relationship that co-ops allow for parents, children, and teachers to get to know each other. My daughter loved the days I was the parent helper in her classroom and I loved getting to know her playmates and seeing how they interacted with each other and their teacher. I also enjoyed the chance to connect with other parents and get involved in the school that being a co-op parent offered. As a teacher, I value the devotion to play-based learning that is the basis of the co-op philosophy. While I believe in ensuring that pre-kindergarten children are prepared for kindergarten, I know we can have fun doing it. With that in mind, I consider the Indiana State Foundations for preschool learning goals while working to offer variety and interest in all areas of the classroom. I strive to create a classroom environment that is rich with experiential learning opportunities and includes plenty of time for free play. After many years of working in an office, I returned to college and got a teaching degree before having my daughter. I’ve found the balance of creativity and caring interactions with children makes being a preschool teacher a good fit for me. In my free time, I’m often thinking about pre-school and planning new activities and dramatic play opportunities. I also enjoy time with my family, gardening, and church volunteering. I’ve come to love my students each year as I watch them grow and mature at this magical age. I know each year will be unique and wonderful as we all participate in helping our caterpillars turn into butterflies.