Kindergarten Program

Parkview Kindergarten

The mission of a cooperative preschool is to allow children to learn through play and to involve families in the education process. By adding a kindergarten to Parkview we will extend this type of cooperative learning to more families in the midtown area, and create a place for our current 4s/5s students who would benefit from an additional year in the co-op/ play-based setting Parkview offers.

What is a cooperative kindergarten?

A co-op kindergarten follows the model of the cooperative preschool, involving families in the learning of the children, which builds connection, increases a sense of community, and allows caregivers and children to learn through shared experiences. As with a co-op preschool the co-op kindergarten follows a play-based model, where classroom materials, school spaces, and experiences are structured around the needs of the age-group. Research shows that learning through play helps children develop critical skills such as resilience, conflict resolution, and problem solving. The goal of the kindergarten will be to meet each child at their current level, building reading and math skills while also offering opportunities for music, art, large motor play, and community and outdoor exploration.

Who will want the kindergarten?  

The Parkview Kindergarten will be the perfect place for students who turn 5 by September 1st. We expect this option to be popular for many different families including:

  • Young 5 year-olds who need an extra year before entering traditional kindergarten

  • Families who did not receive a desired spot in a magnet school through IPS

  • Parents who want an extra year of a play based program before entering elementary school

  • Families who plan to homeschool after their co-op years


  • 3 day program (9:35am – 2:05pm) with option to expand to more days in following years

  • 10 – 15 students

  • Housed in the current church youth room

  • Tuition Based $225/month

  • One teacher (with a teaching degree and an IN state teaching license) and one parent volunteer daily

  • While some students will likely go from this K program to a traditional K, the Parkview kindergarten WILL follow the IN State Academic Standards for Kindergarten and will prepare all students to enter first grade